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Entry #2


2015-09-09 04:37:31 by Adasshan

It has been 7 years old since I haven't post anything here. I came back! With more art and experience.

Greetings :)

Adriana Adasshan


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2015-09-09 07:32:19

A very long time! A welcome back is mandatory ;)

Adasshan responds:

Yes it is !! Thanksss :)


2015-09-09 13:50:51

ello adriana! welcome back, kinda went through the same thing earlier this year, came here as a child but back as a semi-adult lol

Adasshan responds:

hahah it's funny. Newgrounds has changed just in appereance :) How old are you!? Nice to meet you Saucy. Sounds like a sausage haha (I am from Peru, my english is not very good at all). Greetings


2015-09-10 17:05:57

I'm 21 now lol, hahaha i have friends who call me sausage sometimes because of my name. Your english is great by the way! I'm Jonny by the way

Adasshan responds:

Nice to meeeet you Saucy! :D haha we have the same ages. Great (Y) Where are you from? I am trying to improve my english at the moment. Take care !


2015-09-11 02:13:54

Yup we do! I turned 21 last year in december, but i'm from Austin Texas in the US. Keep improving, you already speak english very very well. Probably much better than I do haha. You too!